What Are Mail Order Brides – A Complete Guide To Finding Your Wife In USA

Meeting an individual who understands you perfectly, has the same values, and shares your views on the relationship is a true blessing. That’s why many men spend years searching for their dream women to live the life together. Have you tried everything to meet a girlfriend but had no luck? Below, you’ll find out how to find foreign brides in the USA.

Who are mail order brides?

Women from all over the world want to be happy in their personal lives but for some reason cannot find an appropriate partner. Thus, they decide to join online dating apps or contact mail order bride agencies to meet a foreigner for relationships and marriage. They become mail order brides – women who start distant relationships with men from the other side of the world, travel to each other once in a while and settle down in their countries when they decide to get married.

To make it possible, mail order brides get a K-1, or Fiance, visa that allows them to stay in the country for the purpose of marriage. By the end of 2020, 21,000 applications were made to get this status. In comparison to other visas, getting K-1 isn’t that easy: only 34,581 applications were admitted in 2019 while the number of tourist visa admissions was 6 million in the same year.

What Are Mail Order Brides - A Complete Guide To Finding Your Wife In USA

The majority of mail order brides who receive K-1 visas come from Asia (in particular, the Philippines). The other popular mail order bride destinations include:

  • Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela);
  • Eastern Europe (Ukrainian womens at first after that ia Belarus, Poland and Hungary girls).

Can you find a wife online?

Since the concept of a mail order bride is often perceived as an outdated way to meet women in today’s digital world, it may confuse you. Luckily, now it’s offered in the following ways:

  • Online dating websites;
  • Dating apps;
  • Mail order wife agencies.

All of them function online so you can meet beautiful foreign ladies without the need to even leave your house. Depending on the gadget you love using (laptop or smartphone), you can choose a dating platform and make use of it. Here are the steps you should take:

What Are Mail Order Brides - A Complete Guide To Finding Your Wife In USA
  • Find an appropriate American dating platform. Understanding your goals is necessary to choose the right dating website: whether you want to find friends, hook up, or establish a long-lasting bond – there are different apps for each of these activities. Also, understanding the kind of services and communication tools you want to have at your disposal will simplify your choice of dating platforms and the process of meeting your mail order bride online;
  • Sign up for a free account. In the US, dating websites don’t allow to communicate with mail order brides anonymously. Therefore, you’ll have to spend a couple of minutes registering your account. Be sure to connect it to the valid email address;
  • Create an attractive profile. The next step to meeting a woman for dating online is designing a profile. Add a positive photo of yourself, mention your interests and what you’re looking for in a potential partner to help women find you;
  • Explore the search and matchmaking features available to you. Every online dating site has at least a search engine where you can filter women’s profiles and find those that match your views and interests. Also, some dating apps have a matchmaking tool that allows you to explore even more women’s profiles through a “swipe” feature;
  • Make the first contact. Once you see the list of profiles that match your desired appearance and character details, don’t wait any longer: start putting likes on women’ photos, text them, or comment on their statuses to grab their attention. It’s up to you to decide how to make them notice your activity on their pages;
  • Stay active to boost your chances of getting a mail order bride of your dreams. Use online dating apps just like any other social media platform: stay active and witty to make your friend list grow and stay connected with people you like either on chat, via mail service, etc.

How to buy a bride?

Now that you know how to find foreign brides in the USA, the question of the price to pay for them arises.

Although you’re not buying a person physically, there are certain things you should pay for to get a foreign wife in the USA:

What Are Mail Order Brides - A Complete Guide To Finding Your Wife In USA
  • Online dating services. The prices for premium membership plans usually cost around $30 per month. The longer period of membership you purchase, the lower the price. Thus, you can pay nearly $10 per month in case you buy a 6-month membership, for example;
  • Offline dating. Once you decide to meet in person after weeks of online communication, get ready to spend on dinners, flowers, movie or amusement park tickets, etc. Dinner in the US will cost you around $40-100 depending on a restaurant’s popularity while the price in Latin America or Eastern Europe may be as low as $5-10. Flowers may cost $50-100 per bouquet in the USA. In Eastern Europe, they are much lower: you can buy a big and beautiful flower composition in a box for $20-30;
  • Traveling to and from the country of your mail order bride. In case your girlfriend is already living in the US, you can disregard this expenditure. But if she comes from Asia, you can expect to spend up to $1600 for plane tickets for the round trip to Japan or China. Tickets to and back from Europe will cost around $800-900;
  • Wedding celebration. In the US, the price for the wedding organization is around $34,000 with an engagement ring, while the wedding price in Eastern Europe can be around $7,000. In Latin America, you can get married with Mexican bride , for example, just for a couple of thousand dollars;
  • Transferring your a foreign mail order wife to the US. As we already mentioned, they’ll need a K-1 visa for that. The application for this visa type currently costs $800.

As you can see, purchasing foreign brides in the USA isn’t as complicated as it seems. Following the above-stated tips step-by-step will ensure your happiness and happy acquaintance with a girlfriend from overseas.